Welcome to the Evidence-Based Practice eToolkit free online Course (EBP eT-C)

If you are a nursing student, nurse educator, a registered nurse that work as clinical mentor or just a professional interested on improving your clinical practice, using the best results from the research, your clinical expertise and patient preferences, THIS IS YOUR COURSE

The EBP e-Toolkit Course is an open online course that will provide you competency on Evidence-Based Practice. Step by step through 7 modules you will increase your competency on Evidence-Based Practice (EBP).

Teachers and experts on EBP from 6 countries have developed a course that you could take at any moment, any place and that let you learn on your own. It is designed so that through self-learning you can address all the main EBP concepts and acquire the skills that will allow you to go further in your career.

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EBP e-Toolkit Project

The EBP e-Toolkit project is a Strategic Partnership of six European Higher Education Institutions in the framework of the Erasmus+ program.